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Cere powers decentralized data infrastructures featuring secure, sovereign, and trustless data automation ready for web3 and AI.
Powered by Cere Network, made accessible through Cere’s adoption tooling and SDKs.
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Key Features
Decentralized Network
Store your app's data securely across a decentralized network, mitigating risks in traditional IPFS-like providers, and maintain complete control over your data sovereignty.
Plug-and-play integration
Utilize the Cere toolset and SDKs to seamlessly implement Cere’s decentralized data cloud infrastructure into your app.
Routing at the Edge
Enhance your app’s performance with traffic routed through the closest node in our global edge network, ensuring faster data delivery.
Unprecedented Security and Privacy
Experience a new era of security where your app’s encrypted data is truly inaccessible. A paradigm shift compared with Cere’s Web3 competitors’ business models.
Web2 experiences in Web3
Experience the comfort of familiar dashboards, insights, and notifications you know and use for your app’s data operations.
Tailored to your needs
Cere’s SLAs are customized to meet every app’s specific requirements and budgets, incentivized through $CERE grants.
How to start?
Create an account and top it up
Create your first bucket
Integrate our user data SDK or video SDK
Start storing user data or streaming content!
Get all the insights you need on your app’s dashboard
Get Started
Teleport your app
into Web3 by building on Cere
Cere Network is more than a dropbox.
Decentralized clusters open up the ability to customize for different app use-cases,
more than simply storing files in a decentralized way.
Decentralized Content Delivery
Stream the data you stored on Cere’s edge node infrastructure with unprecedented speed and cost efficiency, unlocking next-gen use cases such as permissioned media streaming to NFT holders. Fully censorship-resistant.
Data Asset Storage
Store your data on the most secure and easily accessible data network in the world, completely free from evil eyes and intentions, made insightful and actionable via Web2 dashboards and notifications.
User Data Storage
Using the DDC SDK, user interactions with your applications are encrypted and individually segmented per user in a decentralized timeline, paving the way for optimized ETL operations and hyper-personalization via AI-agents.
Website and app hosting
Hosting your website or app on Cere DDC ensures scalability and superior (cost-)efficiency, for your app to serve its users without the typical overhead and maintenance of traditional server management.
Starter Pack
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For Those Building
· Start within minutes
· Pay as you go, top off any moment
· Basic usage reports & notifcations
· Costs locked in via smart contracts
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Growth Pack
Concurrent Users
For Running Applications
· Lock-in guaranteed capacity
· Advanced Reporting tools
· Enterprise level SLA
· Flexible pricing and discounts
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Experience the power of decentralized data teleporting your application into Web3 with the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) and ready-to-use Cere Tools and Services.
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